Midnight Truck Park

August 01 - August 30, 2020

Midnight is a drive-thru food truck park that runs for 1 month. We provide parking spaces for food trucks and also kiosk space for coffee shops and restuarants to rent. All the spaces for rent have drive-thru access so your customers don't need to get down from their car to enjoy your food or drinks at anytime between sunset and sunrise (6pm-6am).

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A 13,000 square meter area. We have single parkings for trucks or mobile shops up to 10 meters. If you require more space or you would like to build a custom booth or kiosk please contact us for further information.

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We provide electricty and water for all trucks. Parking sizes are all 10 meters by 5 meters. If you require more space or a double space please let us know.

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